Agents and Programs Betrayed by Aldrich Ames

,Robert Hanssen, and Edward Lee Howard
Sergei Bokhan (Blizzard). GRU colonel serving abroad. Recruited in 1978. Rescued.
Oleg Gordievskiy. KGB political intelligence officer in London. Recruited in 1974. Rescued by the British Intelligence Service.
Valery Martynov (Gentile). KGB Scientific and technical intelligence officer serving in Washington. Arrested and shot in 1986.
Sergei Motorin (Gauze). KGB political intelligence officer serving in Washington. Arrested and shot in 1986.
Vladimir Piguzov (Jogger). KGB colonel serving in Indonesia. Arrested and shot 1987.
Dmitry Polyakov (Top Hat, Fedora). GRU major general. Initially volunteered to the FBI in 1961. Provided information about Soviet arms control issues as well as significant counterintelligence information. Arrested in 1986, shot in 1988.
Leonid Polishchuk (Weigh). KGB lieutenant colonel serving in Nepal and Nigeria. Recruited in 1974. Arrested and executed 1986–1987.
Vladimir Potashov (Median). Research analyst, Institute of the United States and Canada. Recruited in 1981. Arrested and sentenced to 13 years in prison.
Gennady Smetanin (Million). GRU colonel serving abroad. Recruited in 1983. Arrested (with his wife) on his return for home leave in 1986. He was later shot.
Adolf Tolkachev (Sphere, Vanquished). Aircraft designer. Volunteered in 1979. Provided critical information about Soviet aircraft and avionics. Arrested and shot in 1985–1987.
Gennady Varennik (Fitness). KGB lieutenant colonel serving in Bonn under cover as a TASS correspondent. Recruited in 1987. Arrested and shot in 1987–1988.
Vladimir Vasiliev (Accord). GRU lieutenant colonel. Provided lead to Clyde Lee Conrad ring, which led to the arrest of Conrad and 10 others. Arrested and shot in 1987.
Sergei Vorontsov (Cowl). KGB major in the counterintelligence section of the Moscow directorate. Volunteered in 1984. Provided information about the use of Metka or “spy dust.” Arrested and shot in 1986–1987.
Boris Yuzhin (Twine). KGB lieutenant colonel. Sent to the University of California at Berkeley in 1975 as a student. Sent back to San Francisco in 1978 under journalist cover. Arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1986.
Two other Soviet bloc sources betrayed by Aldrich Ames were:
Eastbound, a Soviet radar scientist.
Motorboat, a Bulgarian official.

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